You can reach me at

it’s not clickable (to prevent spam).

I get LOTS of junk mail so here’s some tips so I don’t miss your message:

  • be sure to give me a good subject line (besides HEY or HELLO or LONG TIME NO SEE) so that I don’t miss it.
  • if you’re sending me an attachment also send me a message without an attachment to let me know (spam filters generally rank attachments higher).
  • if it’s technical give me some idea of the subject in the subject line,
  • if you’re a long lost friend put your name and where I know you from (especially if your e-mail doesn’t reflect the name I know you by), list your last name (“It’s Fred from college” isn’t enough), and if you got married let me know your maiden name 🙂
  • If it’s about something else just put it in the subject so it doesn’t look like spam and I’ll open it

I’m not trying to be picky, but you do want me to see your message, right?