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I’m Gary LaPointe, I grew up in Berkley, Michigan. I got into programming computers as a kid, I had my first computer job at a local computer store selling computers and teaching classes when I was 15 and a few different computer programming jobs not long after that. After high school, I went to Oakland Community College and then on to Michigan State University. Then I worked for the Department of Education at the State of Michigan where I put together the first web server in Michigan State Government. Since then I’ve relocated back to the Detroit area and had jobs related to Educational Technology. Most recently I’ve gone back to college to get my elementary education teaching certificate.

I currently live in Dearborn, Michigan and if you’ve traveled to Costa Rica, I’m that Gary LaPointe.

If that doesn’t seem to fit, then maybe you’ve got the wrong Gary LaPointe, check out some of my other pages to be sure.

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