You can reach me at

it's not clickable (to prevent spam).

I get LOTS of junk mail so here's some tips so I don't miss your message:
  • be sure to give me a good subject line (besides HEY or HELLO or LONG TIME NO SEE) so that I don't miss it:
  • if it's technical give me some idea of the subject,
  • if you're a long lost friend put your name and where I know you from (especially if your e-mail doesn't reflect the name I know you by), list your last name (it's Fred from college isn't enough), and if you married let me know your maiden name :)
  • if it's something else just put it in the subject so it doesn't look like spam and I'll open it
  • and make sure you read the below paragraph (this step will push the message right into my inbox so it's really hard to miss) so I'll be more likely to see it.
  • FYI - If you've never e-mailed me before it'll immediately send you back an e-mail "captcha" test to prove you are a human.
    If you get a message like the above I do need you to click on the link in the e-mail (not on this page) to approve your e-mail to me (or my computer will think it's spam).
    Sorry for any inconvience, but it really cuts down on the spam and you'll only see the question the first time you ever e-mail me.

    Once you click the link it'll give you one of those copy the numbers or letters into the box; It'll look like kinda like this

    Once you do that you'll be in my address book and it'll let mail through for good (this keeps lots of spam away from me).

    I use SpamArrest for blocking spam and it works great!! Try it!